We are professionally managed Facility Management Company focusing on efficient and effective delivery of support services to the organizations. We ensure the integration of people, systems, place, process, and technology through our services. Our services are offered for work space and building infrastructures as follows.


Constructed Project Handover to Facility Team

We take complete handover of building from construction team on completion of the project after identifying the construction shortfalls and checking the functionality of every asset and systems installed in the building. List of handover taken from construction team.

►  Civil
►  Mechanical Systems (HVAC / Chiller / DG / UPS / Stack Parking / Escalators / Elevators)
►  Electrical System
►  Plumbing System
►  Fire Systems (Hydrants / Sprinklers / PA / Fire Alarm System)
►  Garden and Irrigation System
►  Water Bodies & Systems (Fountain, Rain Water Harvesting)
►  Project Approved Legal Documents
►  Gaurantee / Warranty Certificates / Contract Documents / DLP

Contractor Management

We coordinate with contractors from handing over of project till the completion of defect liability period. During the handover of project to the facility team and end users, several shortfall are indentified in contractors work, and on timely basis we manage the availibility of contractors to get the shortfalls resolved.

Deep Cleaning

On completion of construction we undertake deep cleaning of projects using mechincal cleaning machines and equipments. 

We also understake deep cleaning of occupied residential or commercial units.

Asset Management


We manage all types of physical infrastructure asset in combination of  financial, engineering, and other practices applied to physical assets with the objective of providing the required level of service in the most cost-effective manner. It includes commissioning, operating, maintaining, repairing, modifying, replacing and decommissioning/disposal of physical and infrastructure assets.

Facility Manpower Planning and Deployment

Based on the size of the the project and infrastructure, our technical team analyzes man power requirement of the site and intiates appointment and deployment  of manpwoer in consultantation with our clients.The category of staff we deploy is as follows.
► Manager / Asst Manager / Executive / Supervisors
► Reception & Lobby Team
► Housekeeping Team
► Technical Team (MEP)
► Security Team
► Pantry Team
► Office Staff (administration department only)
► Garbage Management Team
► Pest Control Team
► Facade Cleaning Team
► Sewage Treatment Plan Management Team

Documentation Management

With the handover of the project from construction team, we also take the handover of complete project documents as follows and maintain them till the project is handedover to the society.

► Plans & Drawings (Architectural, Civil, MEP, Fire, BMC, Elevation)
► As-build Plans (MEP)
► Construction Contract Documents
► Copy of Licenses
► Warranty / Gaurantee Certificates
► Defect Liability Undertaking
​► Customer Information 
► Chain of Agreement - Project

Housekeeping Services

We provide manual and mechnical house keeping services. Based on requirement  Housekeeper / Janitor can be provided. 

► Mopping 
► Sweeping
► Dusting
► Polishing
► Shaking & Beating (carpets)
► Washing

Supplying of cleaning reagents and materials

Through the centralized distribution network of our suppliers, we provide all types of cleaning materials, cleaning reagents & toiletries.

We only provide the best quality branded cleaning material.

Security Services

We provide below mentioned security team through our sub contractors and supervising, monitoring & controlling is done through our team members. 

► Personal Security Guards
► Armed Security Guards 
► ​Corporate Security Guards
► Residential Security Guards
► Patrolling Security Guards
► Stationery Security Guards
► Weapong held Security Guards
► Government employeed Security Guards

Pantry Services

 We provide well trained pantry staff to manage your office pantry services.

Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing Services

 We provide staff to manage all types of engineering services of the building.

► Plumbing Services
► Electrical Services
► Mehanical Services

Gardening and Irrigation System Management

We provide below team to maintain your garden, landscape and irrigation systems. We also provide Horticulturist for plantation services requirements.

► Garden
► Irrigation System Staff
► Horticulturist

Waste Management

 Our team uses below methods for waste management system.

► Organic Waste Convertor System
► Vermiculture System

Fire System Management

Fire system services and maintenance is provided through our registered licensed fire vendor.

► Fire Hydrant Maintenance & Services
► Fire Extinguisher Refilling Services
► Fire Alarm System Maintenance & Services
► ​PA System Maintenance & Services

Surveillance System Management

We provide surveillance system repair and maintenance services.

► Metal Detectors
► Walkie Talkie

Facade Cleaning Services

We provide below mentioned facade cleaning services through our sub contractors and supervising, monitoring & controlling is done through our team members. 

Pest Control Services

Rain Water Harvesting and Borewell Management

Society Formation and Handing Over

We provide services related to society formation and handing over to managing committee.

1) Promotership Formation
2) Name Registration
3) Openining Bank Account (District Coop Bank for share money transfer)
4) Facilitating Fund Transfer
5) Documentation (Preparation of Forms, Documents Collection, Member Signatures)
6) Document Submission to Registrar for Registration Certifcate
7) Identifying & Documenting the Shortfalls of project
8) Organising First General Body Meeting 
9) Facilitating Legal Document Collection from Chief Promoter / Builder / Developer
10) Facility Accounts Handover from Chiet Promoter / Builder / Developer
11) Completing the handover.

Important Information : Please note that some of the above services are offered through our reliable joint venture partners or sub contractors.