As a Business Management Consultant, we help organisations to solve issues, create value, develop skills, maximise growth and improve business performance. We use our business skills to analyze the existing organisation problems and develop plans introducing new and better methods of handling day to day task for overall business improvement. 


Why you need us ?


If your organizations faces below mention challenges in running the business.

► Confused staff
► No proper record keeping
► Unhappy customer
► Inconsistent work execution
► Unhappy vendors
► Resource misuse
► Wastage of valuable time
► Stressful and demotivated staff
► No performance measurement
► Revenue Loss
► Dependency on old staff
► Brand value dilution
► No success on working for targets
► Top management involvement in clerical activities

    What do we do ?

    A) Analysis of your business
    We analyze your existing business model and identify gaps in following areas.
    1. Working systems
    2. Policies
    3. Record Keeping
    4. Product and Services
    5. Manpower
    6. Training
    7. Customer Satisfaction
    8. Expenses


    B) Organization Structure

    We redefine your organization structure department wise. As majority of business organization structure is not aligned with -

    "Manpower hired verses actual manpower required.​​"


    C) Departmental Tasks

    Once the organization structure is finalized, we define each and every single task of each department. This includes smallest to biggest task that shall be executed by the department.​​


    D) Departmental Policies

    After finalizing the departmental task we define governing policies as this reduces great amount of confusion of the staff while executing the task.


    E) Standard Operating Procedure and Systems

    Once policies are finalized to execute the task of the department, we define clear standard operating procedures and methods to ensure that all staff whether new or old follows same working guidelines. This also includes defining standard formats and checklists.


    F) Roles and Responsibilities of Staff and Management

    After we define the departmental tasks we further bifurcate the responsibilities in form of KRA and assigned to the departmental staff. The responsibilities are allocated based on the cadre of the staff.

    With all due respect to the top management, we have also analyzed various situations wherein top management is involved in day to day clerical activities of the staff hence we define specific role of management in the operation of the organization. ​ In this we clearly define the authority index of each and every member of the organisation.


    G) File Systems and Record Registers

    Defining File Systems & Record Register plays very important role  ensuring standardization in record keeping of each department.


    H) System Manuals

    Manuals are prepared for each department for future reference and training to the staff.


    I) Training and Implementation

    Once the whole system is structured and documented, we conduct department wise training of staff ensuring successful implementation.

    How do we ensure long term implementation ?


    We ensure long term implementation of system and processes in your organisation by conducting periodic auditing and training the staff members on the shortfalls.

    ► Monthly
    ► Quarterly
    ► ​Yearly